In Spanish (2005)

Valencia se abre a la música y las artes escénicas

30 m2 bien aprovechados

Los pozos ilegales amenazan las reservas de agua subterráneas

In English

Poetry and visual arts merge in a tribute to light for “The Lady Dressed in Red” (Summer 2008)

Voices of Survival (May 2009)


Master’s degree in Cultural Journalism

University of Westminster (London, UK). September 2007 – June 2008.

Written for the Cultural Journalism module

Puppets take over the National Theatre

Coppola gets personal

Two buskers in the underworld

An old genius in the middle of a storm

Comedian Lenny Henry advocates diversity on TV

Russian and French art embrace in London

Published in the website London Out Loud , developed as part of the Online Journalism module

The mystery of King Tut

Stratford makes up

When sport met culture

Second Life, the new job finder

The return of the Leprechauns

A run for charity

Urban art within easy reach

London marches against war

Final project

A selection of articles from my master´s final project “When art makes a difference”, which focused on how the arts can empower ordinary people and help them overcome all kinds of challenges and difficulties.

Girls pop into the hip hop scene

Black women go WILDE

Sudanese child soldier sings his story in London

‘Special People’ ready to hit the big screen

Blogging from Beijing

A few journalistic entries from my blog “Beijing Whispers” (2009-2010)

Dispelling the darkness. Chinese blind folk singer Zhou Yunpeng performs in Beijing to raise money to provide blind children with musical instruments and education.

Welcome to Bethel. A glimpse of life at the Bethel Center for Blind and Visually Impaired Orphans in Beijing.

A very Chinese Mona Lisa.  Beijing´s Today Art Museum (TAM) holds Yue Minjun’s exhibition “Archeological Discovery in AD 3009”.

No crisis for creativity. A review of  The China International Gallery Exposition (CIGE) 2009 in Beijing.

Centre for blind orphans celebrates national project with charity concert . Press release written for Bethel (volunteer work)

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