28 things I didn’t know when I was born

The other day I came across a post (in Spanish) by social media expert Isra García (he probably resents the “expert” title, though) where he talked about his 15 “cardinal points”, i.e., the things that help him find meaning every day.
And I thought: why not? A good opportunity to organize my thoughts, reflect on what I’ve learnt and allow others to know me a bit better through the principles that define my attitude towards work, people and life. So, here it goes!

28 years, 28 thoughts

  1. Keep your eyes open, always on the lookout for the beauty of the small things
  2. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated
  3. If you don’t risk, you don’t win
  4. You can only regret what you did, not what you didn’t do
  5. Never believe you’re better than anyone else, but don’t think you’re the worst either
  6. Fight laziness and despondency. Hard work always bears fruits
  7. Talk, express yourself, but don’t forget to listen
  8. Seeing other people smile when you help them is the biggest reward
  9. Those who tell you they’re intellectuals probably aren’t
  10. Keep the child inside you alive
  11. Admit your mistakes and learn from them
  12. Don’t let your goals lead you away from unexpected opportunities
  13. Taking control of your life doesn’t mean controlling everything
  14. Being in love turns us into fools, but at least happy ones
  15. Collaborate, share, participate
  16. Don’t ever lose your irony and sense of humor. Sometimes it’s the only thing left
  17. When in Rome, do what Romans do
  18. Other people will never respect you if you don’t respect yourself first
  19. Never forget that deep down we’re animals. Sometimes they even make more sense than we do
  20. Strive to find your passion, and once you find it, never let go
  21. Don’t try to change the world.  Change the lives of those around you
  22. Sometimes ordinary people are those who have the most extraordinary stories to tell
  23. You don’t have to agree with other people’s beliefs, but you have to respect them
  24. Learn from your elders, but don’t let their choices determine yours
  25. You can go as far as you want, as long as you believe in yourself
  26. Admiring someone is positive. Turning him/her into a hero is dangerous
  27. One thing is relying on others. Another thing is depending on them
  28. Live every minute to the fullest
I’ll probably edit this list dozens of times, but oh well, that’s what this is all about, right? Learning, evolving, growing.

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