Urban art within easy reach

August 17, 2008

Contemporary urban art lovers with a budget from £50 to £3.000 will have their field day in London this Thursday, when the spring edition of the Affordable Arts Fair opens its doors in Battersea Park.

The fair, which will last until Sunday 16, includes paintings, sculpture, photography and original prints.

New international talents

Around 120 galleries, most of them different from the previous edition, will exhibit the works.

The firms present in the exhibition come from UK locations like Cambridge, Brighton or London, but also from European cities like Paris, Munich or Madrid.

The Affordable Arts Fair (AFF) was created in 1999 by Will Ramsay with the aim of “exhibiting affordable contemporary art in an unintimidating and accessible environment which attracts new buyers and seasoned collectors”, according to the organisation.

The big names

The fair will show the work of artists like Guy Denning, who took part in the first Urban Art Auction in London and sold one of his pieces for £8.000.

The auction took place last February 5 in Bonhams, where pieces by Banksy, Adam Neate, File, Keith Harring, Invader and D*Face were up for sale.

Laura Degenhardt will also be one of the new signatures in the fair with her “mixed media” pieces based on cardboard and canvas.

But she won´t be the only feminine presence in the event. The vibrant colours and the movement that Hungarian artist Zsuzanna Nyul applies to facial imagery will also be seen in Battersea.

The AAF will be focused on the arts sales, but it will also include free printmaking workshops.

The fair´s admission fee is £10 on the door (£9 for advanced bookings), and a free shuttle bus will leave Sloane Square every 15 minutes.

As good as it gets?

The challenge this spring is beating the last edition’s visitors and sales record . A total of 21,500 people attended the fair in autumn 2007, when the arts sales were worth more than £4 million,  according to public relations officers.

Since its launching, the AFF is held every other year in London and annually in Bristol, Amsterdam and New York. According to the organisers, there are also affiliate fairs in Sydney and Melbourne (Australia).

Affordable Art Fair 2010 (London)

World´s first urban art auction (Bonhams London, 2008)

Guy Denning



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